Potion Permit Release Date Game

Potion Permit Release Date: The city of Modbury has continually been cautious of the advances of the outdoor world. Preferring to matter on their ordinary techniques of healing. One day, so when the mayor’s daughter falls ill. And the nearby witch medical doctor can do nothing to assist her. They are pressured to appear backyard of the small neighborhood for help.

The Medical Association decides to ship their most carried out chemist – you – to assist treatment the of mayor’s daughter and persuade the residents of Moonbury of the wonders of modern-day alchemy. Gain their believbeliefave a tendency to every individual when they fall sick in this open-ended sim RPG.

Potion Permit Release Date Gameplay

Potion Permit is very comparable to different farming simulation video games such as Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. So One of the biggest differences, however, is that being a farmer isn’t your predominant job. You are a chemist, tasked with concocting more than a few potions and drugs that can heal a numbseveralsses  every day. There is a risk that one of the many villagers in the city may additionally get in poor health or injured. As the resident chemist, it is your job to diagnose the sufferers thru their signs and administer a cure.

Potion Permit Release Date Game

The reagents wished for the a ther of drug treatments you make are located in the wilderness. The participant can mine rocks, reduce down trees, or accumulate flowers that are developing around. Some of the reagents are solely on hand by way of looking down on they monsters that roam the land. Once you have gathered the ingredients, you can use your cauldron to brew the drugs wished by meausingownsfolk. The potion brewing manner comes in the structure of a puzzle. So the participant should use their intelligence to clear up them.

Potion Permit Release Date Story

Potion Permit follows the story of a younger chemist, assigned to work in the small city of Modbury. The mayor’s daughter has an ailment that even the neighborhood Witch Doctor is no longer in a position to cure. In an act of desperation, the mayor contacted the Chemist’s Guild and requested for. The town, however, has an hoa horrific record of chemists, which the participant will research about after. It is, therefore, up to the participant to keep the mayor’s daughter and repair the relationship between the city of Modbury and the Chemist’s Guild.

Potion Permit Release Date Game
Key Features of Potion Permit
  • Take care of residents. Modbury has roaround0 special inhabitants who will sometimes fall sick and name for your aid. Sick residents will have their schedules interrupted whilst they recover in bed.
  • Diagnose signs and locate a cure! Shoulder cramps, perhaps? No, these are positive symptoms of burning lungs. This affected person has been eating too an od deal of Latin! Easily remedied; you’ll simply want to craft some Minty Goblet.
  • Gather elements out in the world: Once you’ve determined potion, ointment, or salve. Acquire substances from the surrounding surroundings through e use of your tools. Upgrade your hammer, axe, and sickle for new swings and assaults to assist with your everyday tasks. Watch out for altering climate conditions! You may additionally discover your self caught out in the rain. A freezing blizzard, or even the baking warmness of a desert.
  • Confront nasty monsters for their materials: Sometimes you won’t be in a position to acquire the substances you want as effortlessly as harvesting a berry bush, and you’ll want to flip your trusty equipment into weapons to accumulate substances from the monsters prowling the close by wilderness. Because Combat is in real-time, when you consider that you’re a chemist, you’ll be in a position to brew a range of concoctions to buff yourself and inflict reputation illnesses on your adversaries, as properly as quite several types of equipment to resource you.
  • Brew redress in your cauldron: The substances you acquire can be blended inintoour a cauldron to brew medicine, vitamins, and more. As you turn out to be greater experienced, higher-level recipes will end up available. Because Requiring greater substances hobutestowing more desirable effects. Because Enhance your cauldron to concoct greater elements into your recipes for these extra superior remedies.

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System Requirements:


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 OR AMD Phenom II X4 965
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, 1 GB or AMD Radeon R7 240, two GB
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: two GB accessible space


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 or AMD Ryzen three 1200
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, 1 GB and AMD Radeon HD 7770, 1 GB
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: two GB reachable space

How To Install Potion Permit Release Date

  1. Download the installer from our website(running the download)
  2. Then run the“.exe“and commence to set up the game
  3. During the installation, then examine the instructions
  4. The recreation starts to download and seat automatically.
  5. Wait until the setup is complete
  6. Then pop up with the download key, and then start the game
  7. play it!

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