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Coffee Break 2005 is a point-and-click play that allows players to operate a restaurant and craft coffee. The game was developed by Indie Games Productions. And it’s important because it’s one of the first games to concentrate on cafe operations. because It’s an adventure game that follows the story of Max, a barista who gets caught up in a time circle. Players must help Max escape the circle by working mystifications and interacting with the characters he meets along the way. Coffee Break was well-entered by critics, who praised its humor and mystification design.

In the Coffee Break 2005 Game. Players have to juggle different tasks like keeping track of force, brewing coffee, and serving guests. It’s a unique take on operation sim kidney, and it’s still one of the most popular games in its category. , However, also Coffee Break 2005 is a must- play If you’re addicted to operation sims or casting games.

Coffee Break 2005 Game free Download

 On Paper, This is presumably the most boring game ever made. when I allowed my days of admin hell were over, I had to make numerous photocopies of the’ Stapleton report’ and phone every client to let them know about the problems in our accounts department. Coffee Break truly is a game that takes vicious pleasure in reminding me of my dark and snide history with the photocopier.

Game Overview

But I am being all melodramatic; Coffee Break, when it works, is relatively good. Recreating in top-down energy and- click set- up. you go about your duties as one of two characters. You are given tasks to do each day, similar to photocopying and making phone calls. But you are also given objects to complete, similar to arranging someone’s birthday party or stealing plutocrats from the company. Because You can sputter with your coworkers by choosing-determined’ converse’ motifs. And if you pierce their fancy you will ultimately come musketeers. As new musketeers, you can ask your associates to do your work for you, or if you are extra-special musketeers. You can pop to the storehouse cupboard for an office quickie.

It’s fun while it lasts, but Coffee Break is still far from astral. The setup is veritably direct, it lacks depth and the theme tune feels like an artificial detergent in my cognizance. But it’s still better than the stuff from our coffee machine. Because The discovery of the” Hot Coffee” minigame redounded in violent legal counterreaction for Rockstar Games and their parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

Coffee Break 2005  Game Free Download

While both companies remained substantially silent on the matter. Rockstar Games released a statement claiming that modders were responsible for the minigame. The ESRB rated the game” Grown-ups Only” after a disquisition. While the game was banned entirely in Australia until the unequivocal content was removed. Rockstar Games and Take-Two entered a warning from the Federal Trade Commission( FTC) for failing to expose the extent of graphic content present in the game. Because While a class action contended that the company had misled guests who believed the game’s content fell along the lines of a” Mature” standing.

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Key Features:

  • A unique and infrequently used macrocosm where billions of people spend the utmost of their lives.
  •  Several characters with individual personalities are playable. You may fete your associates or some of them!
  •  Since 2005, over 35 million life simulation games have been vended worldwide!
  •  It’s a humorous game that involves performing all feathers of bad tricks to reach your pretensions

System Requirements:


  •  OS Windows 10
  • Processor Intel Core i5
  •  Memory 2 GB RAM
  •  Graphics Intel HD or erected- in plates card
  •  DirectX interpretation 10
  • Storage 400 MB available space


  •  OS Windows 10
  •  Processor Intel Core i7
  •  Memory 4 GB RAM
  •  Graphics Geforce MX150 or advanced
  •  DirectX interpretation 10
  •  storehouse 1 GB available space
How To Install:
  1. Download the installer from our website( acting the download)
  2.  Also, run the “. exe “ and begin to install the game
  3. During the installation, also follow the pedagogy
  4.  The play begins to download and establish automatically.
  5.  stay until the installation is complete
  6.  Also, pop up with the download key, and also spark the game
  7. play!

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